The Meaning of Moments

The Meaning of Moments by L. Samsarah Morgan,  DD Cht

On a Tuesday in September, over three thousand human beings died. They died in office building and in the pentagon and on a plane which crashed into a field.

A good number left this  world suddenly and with no warning. For many others their death came slowly via fire, or the attempted escape the fires or lack of oxygen, or via injuries. And still there were others whose death came when the buildings themselves fell pulverized into themselves.

However it occurred, over 3000 families lost their loved ones.

Spouses lost spouses. Sisters lost brothers. Aunts, uncles, Cousins, Beer buddies, Sorority sisters, lost their lives and/or lost those dear to them.

I remember tearfully the wife who was actually able to comfort her husband in the final moments of his life. He was trapped in a burning office. And he knew that for him – there was no escape. He called his wife. “I love you honey, I love you.” She stayed with him loving him back, praying with him – until there was silence on the line.

Dear God – what courage that took… And yet isn’t that the ultimate expression of the vows of marriage . Till death do us part?

September 11th  is a most drastic expression of an every day reality.  That not one of second of our time here on earth is promised. That our life or the life of our friends and family can end at any time.

We have no control over this.

The good news is that there is much we DO have control of.

Firstly, we can be change agents for peace – politically involved in our city, state and country influencing policy to “study war no more.”

Secondly, but certainly no less importantly, we can slow down, take a breath and realize that our life story is being written word by word, through all of our actions as well as our inaction.

Psychologists tell us that the most painful grief processes are felt by the friends and family members who didn’t get to say good bye or feel that they had some sort of unfinished business with their loved one which now, due to death , can never be finished.

That to me is the greatest tragedy of all. That family members should grieve because they allowed some petty matter to create distance between them. That they should grieve because an argument kept then from saying I love you,please forgive me,  or Goodbye. And at the end of the day  aren’t most of the things folks feud about petty matters? Really, what is more important than the bond of family or firendship?

What matters more than the love we hold for our children? Or partners?  Nothing.  Nothing else in this world.

So let’s not waste any more time – let’s tell our children how amazing they are, Let’s remember why we married our spouses. Let’s clean up our side of the fence – let’s stop judging – let’s look at our family and see them as they are – truly irreplaceable stars in the universal sky!

Let’s not do this out of fear – but in gratitude and in the security of our love for each other. Let’s make a pledge to live with love as our guide.

Starting right now – let’s savor each moment, give thanks for our lives, and do as my favorite song says.

Shower the people you love with love.

This article is dedicated to all who lost their life on September 11, 2011. It is for all of the family and friend who mourn them. It for all of the servicemen and women who have died since serving their country – for the Afghans and Iraqi citizens who have perished.

In addition, because it is so hard to do – I pray for the persons responsible for this act – may their souls be at peace and may they have seen the face of a forgiving God and the error of their ways. And finally, I pray for governments – I pray that the leaders of our countries act as sacred servants of the  people – that they put the health and welfare of the people first, above financial gain and prestige.

I pray for all families – that their bonds remain strong and that they honor the one truth – that at the end of the day love is all we have – love is all we are.

Finally,  I wish for us all – that at the end, all we will see in our final moments is all of the love we have given and received. And that our hearts will rest easy.