Where is the black leadership ???

When anyone asks Black Leadership to step up i cant be mad… Now,where is the black leadership?

Some say the churches,well ironically while iam typing this at Awaken Cafe in downtown Oakland i had to witness a young black man,stopped,frisked and temporarily detained for (drum roll please)

….. Spitting on the side walk,for 30 min while this young man hand cuffed and had his freedom revoked,searched in front of the cafe with around 50 people sitting,watching …and several people walking by while they just about pulled his pants down to search him.I felt his pain,and embarrassment of being put on display a treated less than human,knowing full well his life was in danger.

So,where is his leadership ??? Black churches,where y’all at,preparing another appreciation service for all the great works your doing in the community,really where is his leadership ??? Does he need to cut his hair and admit he is a sinner before u can help him? Black leadership in churches,business men,politicians,athletes where y’all at? To busy maintaining the status quo to rock the boat,scared u might not get that endorsement or loss a business deal if u get labeled an activist,so this random black male could have some leadership to rebuild the complete disrespect he just experienced,if your loyalty to the system is so great,and u say u are doing what u can,then fine … Stand aside an support the leaders who are.

U know your the leadership in your community are, u talk about them and their work after church,your meetings and political parties,u criticize their actions while u accept donations and close deals waiting for them to fail ,go to jail or burn out from lack of resources that u hold,yet are in awe of the ability to do what u wont do with no money.

Black leadership is available,but the token gatekeepers must stand aside and allow them to emerge,because those u comically hold the positions have failed at providing leadership for the young black man i just witnessed be profiled.So,watch this video i have attached and let Bill O’Reilly tell u,U have failed,because if this message comes from a white man u might listen. – Shake Anderson