Mark Neiweem (aka Migs) of NATO5 Brutalized by Cook County Guards

Mark Nieweem, (pronounced Nye-wame) one of the NATO5, was badly beaten by Cook County Jail Guards and placed in solitary confinement, “the hole,” for 20+ days. The hole means no visitation, no mail, and isolation from human contact, aside from the prison guards which include his torturers. Mark’s lawyer confirmed that Mark spent the night in Cermak Hospital. Mark has stitches, his face is swollen and bruised. his ribs are sore but not broken. We, his activists and friends, cannot let this atrocity of state abuse stand.

We are calling on every person around the world to telephone and email Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart at (312) 603-6444 and ask to speak with him, demanding:

What happened to Mark Neiweem? Why was Mark Neiweem beaten so severely that he was admitted to Cermak hospital overnight?

Remove Mark from the hole now!

By contacting Tom Dart and demanding answers, we are holding him and his department accountable for the abhorrent treatment of Mark. Using the force of our network, we are showing him that his guard dog attacks will not be tolerated.

We won’t sit down. We won’t shut up. We won’t forget about our comrade. We will stand and speak for Mark. We will fight for him.

Call every day until Mark’s released from the hole or until September 18.

Invite friends. Share widely. Repost. Retweet.

For more information on the NATO5 case, click.