Women’s Rally and March in Solidarity with Egyptian Women and Girls

Posted on 29 December 2011 by @wiseoldsnail

2011-11-12_17-10-10_7321-300x225-2START DATE: Friday December 30 TIME: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Location Details: Oscar Grant Plaza (Frank Ogawa Plaza) 12th St/City Center BART 14th St exit off 24/980 Oakland, Ca Event Type: Critical Mass Contact Name Shimaa

Email Address [email protected]

Phone Number 510-540-7007

The largest protest ever in Egypt, over 10,000 women took to the streets Dec 20th, to protest police brutality and violence against women and girls.

Come to this women’s protest and stand against violence against women and girls, in solidarity with our sisters in Egypt, in the U.S., and around the world.

Here are the details:

Dear friends,

My name is Shimaa and I’m an Egyptian activist from Cairo.
Since the second half of October I came to the U.S to speak about the revolution from a different perspective and learn about Occupy movement. Since I’m no longer in Tahrir I feel obligated to do something here.

A week ago we made a proposal to the GA of Occupy Oakland to sign a statement of solidarity to support actions in the Bay area related to the Egyptian revolution and the struggle of the Egyptian revolutionary women.

The first action I’m organizing will be on Friday December the 30th. We will have a woman rally and march in solidarity with the Egyptian women and to denounce the following:

* The violation of human rights and the targeting of female protesters by the Egyptian military.

* The continuous support of the U.S government to SCAF that receives over than 1.3 billion $ as a form of military foreign aid.

The revolutionary women and girls struggling with the revolution and the systemic assaulting by the military in Egypt need the support and a solidarity message from their fellow American activists of occupy and other people especially women struggling in the U.S will be such a powerful initiative.

These are some related articles about 2 women who have been assaulted by the U.S packed military council in March and December:



The rally will start at 3 pm at Occupy Oakland, we will need speakers so If any of you want to speak or send a solidarity message to the women struggling in Egypt you are more than welcome.

Bring signs and print pictures, these are some high quality samples that you can use:




Join us to defend the global revolution.

Say no to torture and military trials for Egyptians.

Say no to the U.S military Aid to SCAF from the tax money of the 99%!


Frank Ogawa Plaza (Oscar Grant Plaza). 14th st exit from the 12th st/City Center Bart. Oakland, California

Event page:


My pages in English:



Twitter: @Agenda_kid

I will see you there icon_smile-1

In solidarity,

Shimaa from Tahrir square