Occupy Oakland Vigil Raided by OPD!

Posted on 17 December 2011 by Janet Kobren

The Occupy Oakland vigil and interfaith umbrella at Oscar Grant Plaza was raided by OPD at around 2:00pm today a day after Aquapy Oakland was raided on Lake Merritt by OPD and OFD.

According to witnesses, three people were arrested at the Plaza, one for trying to take a blanket from trash. OPD took the OccupyOakland kitchen that was feeding people the City doesn’t support. OPD confiscated sleeping bags and personal items considered “unattended property,” citing the Interfaith tent. Unattended bicycles, if claimed, would become citations for “parking a bike while reading poetry out loud.” Legal support is needed.

The 24×7 vigil, an implementation of an Emergency Proposal passed on 11/23/11 by Occupy Oakland’s GA (see below) began on November 29, continued to this day and is an exercise of First Amendment rights.

OO interfaith group will occupy City administration office on Monday at 4:00pm, demanding no more umbrella, food harassment and return of things taken today.

And apparently the kitchen reinvented itself and is back up and running.

Emergency Proposal passed by OO GA (11/23/11): Vigil at the Plaza: We propose holding a 24 hour vigil – it would include tents, library, interaction with the public, activity, etc, but without sleeping. A vigil is completely allowed and would not be interfered with, whereas camping is illegal. We would also like to like to form a committee to begin meeting tomorrow at 4pm.