Occupant of Oakland Explains OPD/DA Misconduct / Court BS

An Occupant of Oakland talked with photographer and reporter Wendy Kenin @greendoula outside Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Oakland after a hundred supporters attended court again today for yet another episode of the same old OPD abduction, DA no real charges, fight for release and justice story.

About a hundred people gathered at First Acts Church last Wednesday in hopes of hearing the truth about the recent shooting and killing by OPD of Alan Blueford. The gathering ended with one of the more vocal protestors against police violence being kidnapped and held in custody by OPD.

After this recent farce perpetrated by OPD against the Blueford family, in which Coward Jordan not only refused to take direct questions from the crowd, but also refused to give any real or new information, an impromptu rally broke out in the driveway of the church grounds. OPD abducted Chritopher Moreland after he had left the church property, on false claims that he had assaulted an officer during that rally.

Christopher was being held on the premise of being charged with several serious felony crimes. We know the claims of felony assault or battery on an officer are false for two reasons. The first reason is that we were there, and are witness to the truth that no assault took place. The second reason is that the District Attorney was unable to file those charges against him for lack of evidence. As the occupant explains here, this sequence of events is a recycle of one used regularly by OPD and the District Attorney. A protestor (or other person falsely accused) is held on ‘suspicion’ which is based in complete lies by the police.

The Formula

The way it goes is that the police officers have been instructed to include specific fabricated ‘information’ in their reports and claim specific charges that they know ahead of time are serious enough to incarcerate instead of cite and release, or even only cite, a supposed ‘suspect’ whom they wish to punish. The punishment is delivered before the district attorney ever files charges, by holding the kidnap victim as long as ‘legally’ possible before releasing her or him on reduced or no charges.