Love and Understanding: Bay Area Tribute to the Fallen

“Love & Understanding” (BayArea Artist Tribute To the Fallen) Song & Video

Produced & Mixed By Korise “BigTunes” J.(TownTroniks)

Chorus Vocals: Cole, Sharese Robinson, Pamela, Jujuana Williams, Nazir & BigTunes

Emcees: Five Eighty, Swa Da Gentlemen, Ambessa, Sun Ru, Fego, Jujuana Williams, AmTrakz, Aztech Raul, T’Moe, Shake Anderson & Lord Takim A.K.A.Tak Udda Town

Musicians: Guitar-David Goodlet, Bass-Key Hudson(TownTroniks), Drums-Tristeon Moore, Congas & Bongos-Kwic Time

Director/Videographer: Gabriela”Belacruela”Diaz

Props, Sound & Lighting: Halima & Hasani Jubert (The Good Kids)

Spiritual Guidance: Dok Vital

A Special Thanks to all the Friends, Family and Strangers who appeared in the video and behind the scenes, you helped make it all possible. Thank You!
Stock footage credits:

Fight Hate With Love.

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