Chevron Refinery Explosion and Fire Bringing Dangerous Pollution

Oakland CA
6 August 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Out of control fire at Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA. People in area advised to shelter in place. This means get inside and close all doors and windows. Don’t forget your animal companions!

live video

Sirens went off in the area at 6:20pm. Witness from nearby Rodeo does not see the fire, but do see enormous plumes of black smoke.

This is rated level 3 incident, which is the highest danger rating.

7:40 pm ::: from chevron : fire in crude unit, where crude is processed into fuels; main priority to get fire under control; reiterating that nobody was injured.
‘part of the flame that’s being seen are flares’ which are safety devices to burn off fuel.

7:50 pm ::: caller in to channel 7 ::: richmond resident heard four explosions and could feel her house rattling

7:55 pm ::: chevron reported that this fire began at 6:15pm

9:05 pm ::: chevron spokesman nigel hearn says inspectors found a ‘small leak’ discovered just before 6:30 pm that started the fire, and which lead them to evacuated the area. ‘diesel fuel ignited’ ; ‘the most important thing is that we take care of the people that work in this facility, and take care of the community.’

9:10 pm ::: ms. patricia asuncion speaking to health concerns ::: claiming monitors are showing ‘non-detect’ for toxins in affected areas ; toxic concerns : hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, volatiles (carbon compounds)… which could cause respiratory problems, especially for those with existing conditions ; north richmond, richmond, and san pablo still under ‘shelter in place’ recommendation ; people are being notified by telephone as well as tv and internet news ; ‘molecules are heavier, plume arcing down…’ ; plume at 3000 to 4000 ft high

9:40 pm ::: mark ross from air quality management district ::: concerned about asbestos and other elements used in the infrastructure of the refinery, along with fuel burning

9:50 pm ::: only bart station still closed is richmond station

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