From Pastor Preston Interfaith Tent @ Occupy Oakland… NATO/G8 SUMMIT / FTP MARCH Chicago May 2012

From the desk of Pastor Preston Interfaith Tent @ Occupy Oakland. Being in Chicago last month was a great  Blessing… Protesting is in my blood… I have been doing Community Organiziing for a long time… I love the Occupy Movement with my heart… Chi-town was fun fun fun… Having the oppurtunity to led a 5,000 plus march in Downtown Chicago was great…  I came to occupy last Oct. 2011 and see general strike #1, do a seven week vigill in front Oakland’s City Hall in the cold, rain, dealing with OPD, the Occu-rats and everything else… In March nomading for 40 plus day;s and being harassed by OPD once again… May Day!!! was fun and great… Marching in Downtown Oaktown after the CPS Rally and no OPD!!! And my alltime “Joy” blocking 14th & Broadway!!!! Hella Hella Occupy!!!!