Zombie Flash Mob Takes Over UC Regents Meeting 18 July 2012

The University of California Board of Regents have found plenty of money for expensive construction projects and have hired so many administrators that they actually now outnumber teachers. But they’ve raised tuition and fees so high that, when factoring the aid available, the average student at U.C. Berkeley now actually pays more for education than the average student at Harvard. And even though they’ve agreed to not discuss fee increases at this time, the Regents are trying to sneak through a proposal to increase the costs for students with certain majors. Shockingly, if Governor Brown’s tax initiative fails, the Regents also want a 20.3% fee hike for all students. The fact is, public education has been systematically defunded for years. And the Regents, who represent corporations and not educators, are working to destroy then privatize our educational system. The time to stop them is now.