Occupy Philly presents

“Our story begins, As you may well know, With a very rich banker

And his bank: Wells Fargo.

The banker was proud: His bank? One of four Of our country’s largest.

But he still wanted more…”

So begins the story of Wells Fargo in Philadelphia. Join us for an exciting street theater event protesting the bank’s failure to pay their debt to society.

In Philadelphia:

• Wells Fargo and other banks took more than $330 million from the School District and other city agencies in bad swap deals.

• Wells Fargo kicks more families out of their homes than any other bank.

• Wells Fargo continues to engage in racist predatory lending that has led to an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of foreclosures in African
American neighborhoods.

Wells Fargo took billions of our tax dollars in bailouts and continue to make record profits by robbing our city and discriminating against our neighbors. In November, a group of Philadelphians foreclosed on Wells Fargo for robbing the city and for the bank’s failure to pay their debt to society. All fourteen were arrested.