GENERAL ASSEMBLY 4/19/12 – Minutes

Occupy Hartford GA – May 19, 2012



  • S-COMM – forum by Socialist Action to oppose S-COMM (Secure Communities) – Thursday, May 31, 7:30 pm at La Paloma Sabanera (Capitol Avenue in Hartford)
  • National Occupy Gathering in Phila – June 30 – July 4
  • June 17 in Harlem – March and rally sponsored by NAACP – Coalition to End Indefinite Detention is endorsing and participating.
  • Caravan – from Occupy new England – voted to support a fourth caravan from
    Maine to Philadelphia for National Gathering

Report Back

  • Occupy New England – Good group gathered; ad hoc march on BOA; heavy police presence. CT and MA well represented. In a GA and decided to meet as ONE every other month, to support each others’ initiatives, share ideas and resources, organize actions. Website coming and other forms of outreach.
  • Monsanto (from ONE) – will plan an action on Monsanto in Mystic, focused on derailing of CT Legislation. [May look at organizing info available from Responsible Technology re GM food]
  • Alternative Banking – Tonia Loconte presented an excellent seminar at noon, prior to GA, on Banking. More to come. Also: from the Alternative Banking Working Committee of OWS: judge has set aside a recent SEC settlement that did NOT sufficiently assign responsibility (to Citibank), so the trial will go on to try Citibank for securities fraud. Tonia read a satirical letter from the Alternative Banking Committee to Jamie Diamond of JP Morgan/Chase AND Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Corporate Personhood – Mario reported that Hartford City Council adopted a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to END CORPORATE PERSONHOOD. Even Republicans are seeing negative fall-out from this Supreme Court decision.
  • NDAA – The Coalition to End Indefinite Detention is focusing on getting a resolution passed by New Britain City Council; a petition is being formed to use on Memorial Day and other ways to collect signatures across the state.
  • Chicago Protests – ONE is well represented at the current Chicago protests (as well at Camp David to protest the G-8)


  • Sound-off – Need to re-plan action and consider any noise ordinances – tabled to Monday at Kabbalah House to consider issue of noise ordinance and to set a new date for the action.
  • Occupy Philadelphia – Proposal to endorse the National Gathering June 30 – July 4 – passed.
  • Caravan – Proposal to endorse the caravan (Rebecca is working on it) – passed.
  • GA schedule for summer – General temperature check – in favor of moving to 12:30 – 2:30, with possible change on 3rd Saturdays to accommodate
  • Amendment to Platform – Tabled for wording to be developed by Barbara, Alice and Sarah for presentation at GA on June 9.
  • Foreclosure Action –
  • Endorse the June 17 NAACP –  Occupy Hartford endorses the June 17 march and rally against NYPD “stop and frisk” policies
  • Movie Night – next one will be Monday June 4 at Kabbalah House – “Everything You Have To Know About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods” (in preparation for action against Monsanto)

Take away

  • Nancy and JoAnne – info on GM foods / website / activist kit; share NDAA petition
  • Barbara, Alice and Sarah to consider new wording on
  • Dan will send info on S-COMM for posting on web
  • John will follow up with information for Monday decision on Sound-Off, including research into Hartford noise ordinance.