What is the Clown Bloc? 

Clown Bloq is a collection of clowns and clownfinity groups that organize together for a particular action. The flavor of the Clown Bloq changes from action to action but the main goals are to provide hilarity in the face of a humorless police state and to provide a fool’s critique of organized and militarized repression of the people, their voices and their best interests.

Clown Bloq’s intention is to be both disarming and tactically militant. We are trained in traditional forms of hard blocks, soft blocks, de-arrest techniques as well as other historically significant tactics. It must be consistently reiterated that Clown Bloq is both a joke and NOT a joke.

Clown Bloq also provides training in basic clowning. Disarming opposition is the first priority. Violence is utilized by the state to inhibit the voice of the people. Historically, clowns are the ones most likely to push authoritarian boundaries. Shakespeare utilizes his “fool” characters to pressure the kings and princes into recognizing their own self-obsessions.

Join Clown Bloq by visiting our website athttp://campaigns.occupy.net/clownbloq/

Or following us on twitter @clownbloq


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Submitted by Ray Duray, May 16, 2012
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