Voices of Occupy Oakland: Dr. Samsarah Morgan

Posted on 17 January 2012 by @kevin_seal

The following is an opinion-editorial piece written by an Occupy Oakland organizer.

I have no fear of losing my life for a just cause. If my death is required to ensure the long happy life of my children, their children – all children. Then so be it. What I am unwilling to participate in is impotent, undisciplined noise making – I am not willing to dance the dance of the oppressor, disguised as the revolution.

I am also unwilling to listen to the quivering of those who whisper from the sidelines – while drawing opinions gleaned by what’s been shown on the news, and the opinion of your neighbor down the street.

The Occupy Movement is about 3 months old in Oakland – if there are things that you have heard that give you pause, remember that there are forces that benefit from you staying away, staying home and continuing to shop. I urge you to shun that programming.

Show up – there are like minds that would be enriched by your input. And if you feel that you have already done this – and didn’t feel heard, or welcome – I urge you to try again. This movement isn’t being run on Facebook groups – real people are meeting – face to face, some in the cold and without food – to hold the space for you! There are many ways we can serve this amazing moment in time. Find yours…

These golden moments come once in a lifetime – And I have faith in the power of love and good will to transform its opposite – I choose to fight on the side of the Angels, and to be fueled by love, to let go of fear and not embrace anger.

I choose to do this while holding a clear vision of a world worthy of my children – your children – all children. And I know that those of good will are capable of making fact from vision.

I send you my love. Always.

Blessings upon the memory of a noble man of God, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

~ Samsarah Morgan

Dr. Morgan is an ordained interfaith minister and pastoral counselor in private practice in Oakland, CA. She is the Director of Nia Center for Birth and Family Life.