Thank Yous From the Bus to L.A.

Please Donate to help us pay for the trip!


We want to thank the people who donated money toward our trip back home. But just as important, we want to thank all the people who worked hard to get the word out to everyone about our plight.

The Comms team is just one of those groups that works hard to help us all, sometimes cleaning up messes other people made. And yet they so often get no love.

Thank you Comms, especially Peter P.

99% Solidarity says they’re gonna get us free transportation from LA to SF. We’ll see. If CNA reimburses us for our tickets from SF to LA we’ll be chill. But if they stonewall, I’ve already told them I’m dedicating my life to making them feel my pain. And how.

We have just left Chicago with our favorite bus driver, Miles. Did you know he donated to our fund? What a guy.

You’d never complain about black bloc if you met the cops in black. The government transferred to Chicago all these cops and Homeland Security goons and dressed them in black uniforms. I think they WANT you to be reminded of the waffen SS and their vicious atrocities. I had no problems with the Chicago cops but it’s the cops in black you’ll see on the news smashing heads with big fucking grins on their fat faces.

They rule through terror.

With a Fox “News” crew literally recording the whole thing, several of these waffen SS goons surrounded some friends of ours, groped the girl’s breasts, stole a guys wallet, then scattered like cockroaches when a citizen recording with an iPhone showed up.

Waffen SS thugs watched the church that was our convergence point all day today and stopped and frisked people randomly without cause. They arrested a girl for having a can of spray paint.

Chicago has left me in a fighting mood. From the CNA to the waffen SS goons, I’m coming home to do my work and will be in no mood to be tolerant of anyone who might try to push Media around.

I will only take seriously the people who get work done. People who just write millions of emails and try to push their agendas on others will be stopped in their tracks.

Everyone who gets positive work done has my respect and love. Chicago has taught me to be harder but love harder too.

I love you. You know who you are.