Taking to the Streets for Alan Blueford

About three hundred people took to the streets from the location where Alan Blueford was recently gunned down by Oakland Police at 90th and Birch Street.  The march was joined by those in attendance at the Community Medic training that occurred earlier in the day at Arroyo Viejo Park. People marched in protest against another murder by police, to bring the message to OPD at the Eastmont Mall station.  Protestors were angry but peaceful, and police chose to close shop and watch the crowd from inside the building.

In an article produced by channel five immediately after this incident, police are quoted telling outright lies about the encounter between the officers and these children. The reporter chose to publish claims by police without checking the facts.

from CBS San Francisco channel 5 :

One officer pursued the fleeing suspect into the 9200 block of Birch Street. The suspect shot at the officer, who was hit. The officer returned fire and wounded the suspect.

The suspect was also taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead early Sunday morning.

A firearm was recovered at the scene of the shooting.

We now know that the officer shot himself, that young Alan never fired a weapon, and that the weapon was not really recovered ‘at the scene,’ but found thirty feet away from a young man who had been running away from police in fear for his life, and would not have had time or the strength, after being shot, to throw it that far.

One has to wonder how many lies people will tolerate from corporate media before turning off their televisions and seeking out the truth. One must also wonder how many lies we must tolerate from OPD before the offending officers are fired.

video from TomVeeTV