Police Van Runs Over Protester

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It’s 10:53pm Chicago time. The police have been raiding safe houses to make sure protesters have no place to stay. They’re even threatened to raid churches. My friend confirms: he saw the police run over a protester with a van.CPD is chasing and kettling people.

All this to stop the people and protect the corporate war machine.

I’ve finally confirmed that my three friends are OK. Rene and Krissana are on their way to our safe house now and James will be staying with other video streamers. I had terrible survivor’s guilt as I waited to hear back. I can’t stand knowing my friends are in danger and I can’t help. I’m supposed to be there with my video camera, letting the cops know that I’m there to make them think twice before behaving like thugs while I’m recording them. If the police attack them, they yell, “cameras” and the rest of us rush over. They’d do the same for me.

I’ve been crying like a kid and cursing Mayor Rahm and the Department of Homeland Security.

But when the police started raiding the safe houses, all our housing options disappeared and Brian and I had to gather everyone’s stuff and find a new place. I’m not going to talk too much about our safe house here.

Krissana and Rene are now here, and we’re having a beer. K reports that police followed them into the station to pick up the L car. As they got into one car, the police got into the car in front of them. But just as the doors were closing, our heroes jumped out. And, as the train pulled away, Krissana and Rene waved.

We’re safe for now, but are still worried the cops could raid us tonight.

It’s time for us all to do more. Please get involved. One choice would be help us get home! We’ll make it back to Los Angeles, but we have no money to get home to San Francisco.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped us and everyone who cares.