Occupy Pittsburgh: Int’l Day of Solidarity vs BNY Mellon

Posted on 05 January 2012 by Occupy Pittsburgh Media

Occupy Pittsburgh is calling out to the 99% around the world for a Day of International Solidarity and Action against BNY Mellon on January 10,
our first day in court.

Help us tell the banks and the rest of the 1% that you can’t evict an idea whose time has come!

Since the October 15 global day of action which launched many Occupy efforts, we have rallied and occupied People’s Park, a space formerly known as Mellon Green. As far as we know, Pittsburgh’s is the only Occupy encampment to reclaim land from a bank.

BNY Mellon is now calling for Occupy Pittsburgh’s eviction, allegedly, for our own “safety.” This is a blatant attempt by BNY Mellon to silence us, and to prevent us from resisting the corruption by the 1% of our political and economic systems. In response, we have announced our own eviction of BNY Mellon from our city. BNY Mellon’s fraudulent and exploitative practices have denied its customers and its workers billions of dollars in wages and benefits. We are fighting to redefine the ethics of our economy and to resist corporate control of our cities, our spaces, our politics and our lives.

On January 10, we ask supporters to:

– Temporarily change their addresses on Facebook and other web sites to #1 People’s Park, Pittsburgh

PA 15219;

– Send mail to BNY Mellon’s Pittsburgh office (500 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15258) with the return address of #1People’s Park,

Pittsburgh PA 15219;

– Hold non-violent demonstrations against BNY Mellon around the world (the bank’s headquarters is One Wall Street, New York City; and offices are in Boston, London, Moscow, Sydney, Cairo and cities in every


To BNY Mellon, we have one unified response: You can’t evict an idea whose time has come.

In Solidarity,

Occupy Pittsburgh’s Communication and Outreach Working Groups