Occupy Oakland is hosting a Forum on Police Actions on February 9, 6:15 pm at the Grand Lake Theater.

The Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) announced yesterday that they had indefinitely postponed a forum which had been in the works for months. This forum had been intended to allow the community to discuss the Oakland Police Department’s handling of Occupy Oakland.

Police actions on January 28 show that this forum is more needed than ever, and that the OPD has not made any significant progress or reforms since they shot Scott Olsen in the head on October 25.

Thus, Occupy Oakland is hosting a forum to take its place. The time is unchangd, the agenda will remain similar, and the same people will be invited. The community, the press, and city officials are all invited to attend and listen. There will be a public speaking section at the end of the forum.

Jim Chanin (civil rights lawyer from the Riders case) and lawyers from the NLG have already RSVP’d. The CPRB has been invited to give a presentation about their agency. And the newly appointed Chief Jordan will be invited for a Q&A session.

Federal monitors overseeing OPD’s Consent Decree have requested a video tape of the forum to use in their own investigations.