Occupy National Gathering

Posted on 20 April 2012 by Larry Swetman

Over the past six months I have been involved with a project called InterOccupy (IO). At IO we help build networks and bridges of communication between Occupy encampments and assemblies across the country and the world. Through participating in this network I have personally coordinated with activists from all over country, participated in national days of action, and made a lot of friends. It is with all these achievements in mind that I have participated for the past four months in the National Gathering Working Group.

This working group is comprised of Occupiers from all over the country that have participated in a direct democratic process to craft a proposal to be submitted to the movement to suggest a national gathering of the movement. We reached consensus on a proposal to invite the movement to Philadelphia from June 30th to July 4th 2012 for five days of community and movement building that climaxes in collectively crafting a Vision For a Democratic Future. Through this document, everyone in attendance, and those who participate in the online component we are planning, will express their hopes for the future. Every voice will be heard and every hope accounted for.

So where are we? We are reaching out to the movement. We are reaching out to you. The beauty of this gathering is that it is being planned from the bottom up in a directly democratic manner. But for your voice to be heard we need your participation. The planning of this gathering is open to any active occupier interested in putting in the work. We are endeavoring on an historic event. We are dreaming of a convergence where people from all over the country can meet each other, hang out, sing songs, discuss theory, strategize, coordinate, participate in direct actions, and generally have a good time.

It’s going to be hard. It’s going to require a lot of energy. But as our proposal states: every great movement deserves the chance to gather together en masse as a show of strength and solidarity. We think that time has come. Join us.

occupynationalgathering.com @OccupyNG [email protected]