9 May 2012

Uhuru! It is currently 11PM and the OPD has had the block on which the Uhuru House is located on lock down for the past 4 hours. While we were in the middle of our Oakland Freedom Summer Project political action meeting the pigs vamped on the community. Myself and comrade Bakari went out to find out what was going on. The pigs had the entire MacArthur Blvd from 78th to 79th St (the same block as the Uhuru House) completely blocked off. There were pigs brandishing AR 15′s (Assault rifles) walking up and down the block and they were inspecting everybody’s car who attempted to leave the block (ie our forces). They didn’t appear to be allowing anyone entry to the block.

Later on, the news channel 2 claimed that the pigs had stopped an African couple in their vehicle on 79th and MacArthur and that the man pulled a gun on the pigs and then ran. Since that incident allegedly occurred they have had the helicopters flying around and the pigs have occupied this block. However, we saw no vehicle pulled over. The news also claimed that they found “the gun.”

A little background: on Sat night the pigs killed a young brother named Alan Blueford, just blocks away from the Uhuru House. This was just hours after we held the march and court for black justice.

Leading up to the march we canvased the community with posters raising up the resistance of Lovelle Mixon and calling on the people to participate in the march and court for black justice.

Shit is getting hot out here. There is to be a demo we have been asked to participate in with the family of Alan Bluford on Friday and Saturday. The one on Friday is at the main police hq – where Bakari was arrested. The action on Saturday is a march starting at 92/birch (where Alan was killed) and will end at the Eastmont pig station (where the march for Black Justice recently occurred).

On Sunday we will be holding the town hall meeting to consolidate the committee for African community self defense – primarily with the families of Lovelle Mixon, Oscar Grant and Kenneth Harding (the brother who was killed by San Francisco pigs over a $2 fare).

The police are clearly tightening up. They are parked directly outside the Uhuru House in a double formation. We have footage of them searching the cars (including the Uhuru foods truck) as they were leaving the meeting. I will try to get this posted on youtube and uhurunews.com asap. We gotta make people aware of the situation.

This article is the work of Diop Olugbala, president of International People’s Demoratic Uhuru Movement

KTVU‘s explanation of events.