Join the Oakland Coalition to Stop Goldman Sachs!

by The Oakland Coalition to Stop Goldman Sachs



What: A very IMPORTANT council meeting will take place that will signal the beginning of the erosion of greedy capitalist forces in Oakland. Council will decide how to proceed with ending the toxic interest-rate swap with Goldman Sachs that has drained Oakland of $32 million dollars.  This drain will continue until 2021 unless we put a stop to it NOW.

Where: Oakland City Hall

When: Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 5:30 pm

Why: We need to light a fire under council and let Goldman Sachs know that we are not going to let them continue to rob us!


Bring bold signs.

Ask one other person to come with you.

Fill out a speaker card. Cede your time to a coalition speaker if you don’t want to speak.

Even if you cannot be there:  contact the following council members from now until Tuesday afternoon to let them know that they need to stand up for Oakland and stop doing business with Goldman Sachs, if Goldman Sachs doesn’t end the swap penalty-free: