Posted on 16 February 2012 by jpmassar

The Make Love, Not War rally and march took place last night on the streets of Oakland, California, where it is rumored that monsters rampage, tearing up buildings.

But no such sightings were reported yesterday. And, thank St. Valentine, no buildings were ripped asunder. Instead, “Hella Love” banners, solidarity love signs and a fairy princess were de rigueur for the evening’s activities.




UFO’s above Oakland observing mating rituals?
OO Loves to March and Marches to Love
UC Berkeley and Occupy Oakland are one Kiss
When’s the last time police gave you a flower?
Whose Moves? Our Moves!
6880221799_d93d2c2188-1 There’s One in Every Crowd.

But One What? Moose? Reindeer? Space Alien?

6880222109_942cd74fcb-1 Fairy Princess and Occupy Medic Practice Mouth-to-Mouth.

Do I Detect the Faintest Hint of a Smile On Those Two Police?


Photo credits: Glenn Halog, with much thanks. You can see his original captions by mousing over the pictures. I just had fun making up some of my own.

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