Free Chris: Friday 2pm arraignment

A fundraising website is now available to collect bail funds for Chris Moreland, who was arrested on Wednesday, May 23 at the 19th Street BART station in Oakland. At this point, the site is at less than 10% of its $10,000 bail goal.

Tomorrow, Thursday May 25, Chris’s arraignment is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Oakland.

Journalist Davey D provided coverage of what happened the prior night, including video; Chris and other Occupy Oakland organizers peacefully exchanged words with Oakland police chief Howard Jordan. Jordan ended the meeting early in response to the challenges from Occupy activists.

At a community hearing about the execution of Alan Blueford by OPD, Chief Jordan cut the hearing short when he was caught out in lies repeatedly by the community and Chris of Occupy Oakland’s Tactical Action Committee in particular.

The Blueford family is left angry and frustrated without answers by those accountable and another member of Occupy Oakland was targeted, tracked to a nearby BART station, and then singled out and snatched by officers of OPD.

Chris was doing nothing other than speaking out as a young black male against state repression. He was singled out, kidnapped, and is allegedly charged with battery on an undercover officer. Multiple eyewitnesses say that at no time did Chris have the opportunity, and those of us who know him, know that he would not do such a thing.

It is time to STAND UP. It is time to show the brutal fascist thugs in blue that run this city like the gang they are that WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE.

No more state-sanctioned police executions of young people of color in this community! No more targeted kidnappings for ransom of activists who speak out against this injustice.


Note that the location is listed as 19th & Telegraph, but the start location is the small park a block down 19th at Rashida Muhammad St., between Telegraph and San Pablo.


Arraignment is this Friday afternoon, 2 o’clock