We Have Failed

What i have to say,will not be popular,however my populaity if you want to call it that isnt based on people liking me so here goes…

WE HAVE FAILED !!! I don’t celebrate failure in 50 year since this historic march and Dr. King’s speech,we meaning humanity,more specifically America has failed at cashing the check of equality the Dr. King asked for,we are so docile and brainwashed we fail to realize we are on the verge of an world war.Yet, we have the audacity to celebrate a great man’s vision that we had 50 years to work,plan & organize around an have accomplished little to nothing.

The sadistic non-profit industrial complex has pacified the urban bourgesie to the piont many of you have convince yourself that,this is the way it is,as the gatekeepers profit off poverty pimpin to the tune of billions of dollars,and only provide lip service and limted programs,while making six figures running programs that only help themsevles and their friends bank accounts.

As a spin off to non profits,churches and religous institions collect millions of tax free dollars and do just enough to convince the community we should come to church on Sunday to continue their proverty pimp hustle,while convincing the youth to conform,to a system that does care about them.This is a human rights issue although black america is at the forfront.

And people want to celebrate,WE FAILED !!! You forget Trayon Martin that quick,murdered and his killer is riding around an gettin it … speeding tickets,guns & the freedom that Black men across the country cant get with a PHD or any other title behind their for that matter.I celebrate wins,not loses,we as a society have lost the ability to tell the truth from lies.We treat reality like a football game,like there is no consquence to the results.There is consquenses and its the same as it was when Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his now famous speech,He had a dream,and we,many were born before me,of the so called “leaders” who opted out and got their non profit hustle on or that good gobmint check.

We were supposed to bring the goal of racial equality to reality,his dream,his vision of life,to fight for it as he was willing to do,and die for it,has he did living up to his calling to speaking the truth to lies.I say we failed because Dr. Kings vision is ours to achieve.And all the fearful so called “leaders” in your communtity who have taken the pimp game into the churches and into the mindset of the masses know that they have failed Dr. King’s vision and need to stand aside and allow the masses to wake up from this capitalist nightmare to continue to fight for a vision of equality for all of humanity.

Celebrate if u want,iam going to be planning to win !!! One Love