CNA Can't Stop Occupy Media

Did the California Nurses Association try to block Bay Area Occupiers from going to Chicago? That’s what we’re being told. It seems someone at the top of the organization cancelled our bus, just because they seemed to believe that Oakland is all about violence. If you’re a nurse, you’ve probably noticed that the main stream press often distorts the true picture of what it means to be a nurse. Don’t you think they do the same thing with Occupy?

We, we outsmarted them and out worked them. And I think they should re-imburse us for the bus tickets to L.A. What do you think?

One of our buses had an overheating problem and we all pulled over for a few minutes. But we’re back on the freeway and seeing if we can make it all the way

We’re on the road and nearing Las Vegas. We’re pretty tired, but we’re feeling excited. Once we were on the Chicago bus, we all just high-fived. Or we would have if we’d had more sleep. Think I might try and sleep now.

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