We are Todo Por La Praxis (, a Spanish architectural and art collective. From September 23th until November 22th we will be in Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito CA, Residence Link) doing a residence and we would like to make contact with you.

Todo por la Praxis / TXP is a multidisciplinary team work. One of our main objective is the construction of collaborative micro-architectural and micro-urban devices to “reconquer” public space as a place for collective use of the citizenship.
TXP  has been working in the reopening and setting up of unused spaces as a resource to showcase the value of these as opportunity areas to generate processes of participatory urban transformation.


In Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito) we are developing a device called “DISPOSITIVO (deveice) DO IT TOGETHER (DDIT)”. DDIT is a technical support office for the activation of unused urban areas with the minimum elements needed to activate and set-up empty sites, urban frameworks or empty buildings. Among our experience and gathering the main needs related to these, we figured out that this could be the basic infrastructure that might allow the development of these processes of collective construction in its all potential. Find attached to this mail a brief  resumed PDF of our project in Headlands.


Before ending our stay in Headlands (November 22th) our intention is to find any possible collaboration with an association, collective or agent who might be able to receive the devices and organize what we could call  “The device Activation Event” (workshop, meeting, presentation, conference…). Our more ambitious goal would be to collaborate in te activation of any of the empty plots or spaces of opportunity in San Francisco, but being realistic I think this would be quite difficult, mostly in terms of reaching  an agree with the space owners (this usually takes a long negotiation process). We would really  appreciate to be able to have a meeting with you so you could guide us about all this.

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