Verdict Day: I am still Oscar Grant– Mother’s Finding Comfort and Hope in a Time of Grief

Saturday, July 7, 2012
2:00pm until 5:00pm


On July 8th 2010, it was the first time in California 470 years history, that a police officer, Johannes Mehserle, was arrested, charged, found guilty, and sent to jail for killing a Black Man while on duty. The verdict by the jury was historical for an on duty shooting by a police officer. Although the gun enhancement charge was later tossed out by the Judge admission of his mistake in the instruction to the jury, it must be remembered that the jury verdicts was historical. Since the murder of Oscar Grant on January 1, 2009, there have been over 10+ police murders in Northern California alone. None of these 10+ police officers, as of this writing, has been charges for anything, specifically, murder charges by the District Attorney Office. Why? Why have no charges been filed? Understanding the historical aspect of how the District Attorney office was forced to file charges in the Oscar Grant murder is of extreme importance to the future of police officers being charged for the murders they commit and these following families receiving the JUSTICE they deserve. Join us in a day of empowerment and our continued struggle to get Justice for those killed at the hands of murderous police officers and to show our support for these mothers or family member representative that will be in attendance representing their son and family member:

Derrick Gains 15yrs, Shot and killed by South SF police on 6/6/2012

Anton Barrett 41yrs, Shot and killed by Vallejo Police on 6/1/2012

Allen Blueford 18yrs, Shot and killed by Oakland Police on 5/6/2012

Luther Brown 32yrs, Shot and killed by Stockton Police on 4/10/2012

Kenneth Harding 19yrs,Shot and killed SF Muni Police on 7/19/2011

Raheim Brown 20yrs, Shot and killed by OUSD Police on 1/22/2011

James Rivera 16yrs, Shot and killed by Stockton Police on 7/23/2010

Derrick Jones 37yrs, Shot and killed by Oakland Police on 11/7/2010

Oscar Grant 22yrs, Shot and killed by Bart Transit Police on 1/1/09

Because this could happen to your family next! Would you want help and support to get JUSTICE?

Help us bring Comfort and Hope to these Mothers and Family members through empowerment, spiritual uplifting, emotional comfort, and Everett and Jones barbeque that will be severed free to all at the event on time.

What you can do!

Not involved in changing your community or working with these families in seeking justice. Here is your chance to see how you can help.

We are forming a community of MEN to become our community vanguard. If your community is going to change we MEN must step up, FIRST. We, MEN, are the maintainers of our family and our community.

Join us to see how you can become that change!


Keynote Speaker: Wanda Johnson Speakers: Mothers and family Representative : Community Leaders : Legal advisers : Political Organizations : Spoken Word Artist : Libation ceremony : Entertainment : Food

: and much more

from Cephus Johnson , Beechie X Keeton , Nyko Hackett

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