Those who are blind to equal justice are marching in support of the rash of murders being commited by the Vallejo Police Department, they are supporting the police in thier actions at a time when we are saying enough is a enough, Please join us as we march against this foolish blindness and support of these killer cops.

These police deserve discipline and not encouragement to continue their corrupt activities

No Justice! No Peace!

Justce for Mario Romero and all who have been killed unjustly by the Vallejo Police Department
12:00pm Noon…Rain or Shine!

Vallejo Police Department
Vallejo, California

Justice for Mario Romero
A few pointers for those of you who will be coming out to rally today:

1. Please make sure you have your celphones charged or alternative recording device. ( pictures and footage is very important when dealing with corrupt cops)

2. You have a right to practice freedom of speech no matter how much they disagree with what you have to say, as long as you are not being violent.

3.It doesn’t matter whether you’re a U.S. citizen, whether you’re of
voting age, or whether you speak English. Free-speech rights are for everybody. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ll say it again Freedom of speech is for everyone.

4.you may be provoked by infiltrators who are pretending to be wiith the fight for just but have plans on disrupting in an attempt to make us appear violent….Don’t give in & record record record……they peole have practiced and condoned violence against us , it’s in their nature to naturally want to invoke a riot because they don’t believe in our equality…….

5.The first ammendment protects your right to express your opinion no matter if it’s unpopular.. you can criticize the president or the police chief without fear of retalliation.

“Fear of serious injury cannot alone justify suppression of free speech and assembly…. To justify suppression of free speech there must be reasonable ground to fear that serious evil will result if free speech is practiced… that the danger apprehended is imminent…. the evil to be prevented is a serious one.”

—Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357, 375 (1927) (Brandeis, J., concurring)

The government can’t prohibit marches on public sidewalks or streets, or
rallies in most public parks or plazas. But it can often require a permit to

regulate competing uses of the area and to ensure you respect reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.7 w You shouldn’t need a permit for demonstrations that don’t “realistically present serious traffic, safety, and competing-use concerns beyond those presented on a daily basis by ordinary use of the streets and sidewalks.”8 If you hold a small rally in a public park or march on the sidewalk and obey

traffic laws, you generally won’t need a permit.

When is an ordinance invalid? An ordinance is invalid if it’s unreasonably or unnecessarily burdensome, if it prevents you from communicating your message, or if it’s selectively enforced. Remember: the government can’t discriminate against you for the content of your speech. This means that city officials may not impose additional burdens or costs on you because your message is controversial. Can the city tell me to change my route? The government may impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of your event in order to reduce the amount of disruption it will cause. However, a demonstration should be allowed to take place within “sight and sound” of its intended audience.15 You can challenge efforts to re-route your march away from busy crowds or main streets or to dictate when it must start and end—because you

can’t communicate your message if there’s nobody to hear it.

from facebook event