Protest at City Council Meeting : Justice for Alan Blueford

please come early to protest the murder of Alan Blueford by OPD

if a person submits speaker cards (real name not necessary) for seven or even more of the many ‘consent calendar’ items (items numbering 7.1 through 7.32) on the agenda, plus a card for ‘forum’ that person will be allowed to have his/her time combined for a total of ten minutes. larry reid tries to reduce speaker times from two minutes to one… we want to disallow this practice. cards can be submitted online at the link above, or even days before each meeting… in person at the clerk’s office upstairs in city hall. speaker cards must be submitted before each item is discussed, ie card for ‘forum’ has to be submitted before the meeting begins.

i want to repeat that it is not at all necessary to use one’s complete or even real name for speaker cards, in case that would be a deterrent for anyone.

while i realize the intent will be to take over the meeting, as it should be, this is another way to do so, as we are not bound to actually speak on the particular issues during our speaking time. in other words, besides mic checking the meeting to smithereens, we can also take turns speaking on this atrocious opd action for ten minutes at a time, and can continue doing so by also submitting speaker cards for every other item on the agenda. also, a person who does not wish to speak can still register, as anyone in the room can pass their time on to another speaker.

in case anyone wants to contact : email and website links for council members is here

be aware that larry reid has previously threatened (me, personally, and everyone) to use opd to clear the room. council chambers belongs to us, but do not be fooled into believing that we are safe in the room or in the building.