Press Conference: the City of Oakland Has Killed 1000 Trayvons

Attend the Press Conference and Rally and Stand in Unity with the Saturday, May 5th March and Court for Black Justice, where we will put the Oakland Police Department on Trial for Colonial Genocide of the African community.

The court will be preceded by a protest in front of the Eastmont station of the OPD and a march through the streets of East Oakland, which will end at the doorsteps of the Uhuru House – the location of our Court.

• Trayvon and the masses of Africans are hunted down like animals because we do not have power. • To stop attacks on our community Africans must take power

• Racism is not the problem: white people must unite with struggle for Black Power.

In the city of Oakland, the statistics dont lie: • 40% of the Oakland’s billion dollar annual budget is spent on police. • Only HALF of 1% is spent on economic development. • Africans are 5% of Cali population, but over 50% of prison population. • 1,000+ complaints are filed with OPD internal affairs department each year. How many officers have been disciplined?

• The cop who killed Oscar Grant is walking free today

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For more info, contact the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement and Oakland Freedom Summer Project at 510-569-9620 or email [email protected]