6:00pm until 7:30pm

Frank Ogawa Plaza also known as Oscar Grant Plaza

This is an Local Business Liaison committee sponsored event:


Hosts: Shake “Gingerbreadman” Anderson & “The Muffin Lady”


– The #OO book club will be designed to support local independent book retailers staying true to the Occupy Oakland called boycott of corporations

– By creating a book club we have an opportunity to build community & show the collective buying power of the movement within our local area

– This club is an LBL (Local Business Liaison) committee sponsored event we will reach out to local business owners, entrepreneurs & artists through your buy local program & the Oakland grown collective to sponsor potlucks & to join club to build the 99% community

– Our first two books will be “The 5 languages of Love” by Gary Chapman & “New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle both choices have been carefully chosen to uplift awareness within the activist community & inter-personal relationships to strengthen the over all community