Nurse In & Toddler Sit to support the Occupation of Lake View School

MONDAY 12:00 to 1:00

Occupy / Decolonize Pregnancy Birth and Parenting – an Occupy Oakland Caucus invites you to:

Mommas and families unite!

As you may know a group of parents and teachers have occupied lakeview school to protest its closure as well as 4 other schools in Oakland!

The plan is to turn the building over to a private corporate owned charter system school!!!

Let’s show support for their efforts as well as support for quality education for all children!

Make the 1% pay their share – save our schools!

Our action will be one hour long on the main steps pf lake view school !

But if you can do more to help please do!

The teachers are running a free school in the building they need supplies AND children to attend the school. Please do what you can!!!

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