JUSTICE 4 ALAN BLUEFORD: Rally & Protest at Oakland City Hall Meeting


TODAY 5:00pm Demand Justice 4 Alan Blueford!

Don’t Let City Hall Silence Dissent!

The family of Alan Blueford attended the last Oakland City Council meeting to demand the police report in the killing of their son, who was murdered by OPD Officer Miguel Masso. They were briefly promised the report, but after they refused a closed-door meeting with OPD Chief Jordan, that promise was broken.

Since the last meeting, the City Council has announced that they would begin to restrict access to future City Council meetings to avoid “disruptions” like the previous meeting, when chanting broke out after the Bluefords were lied to. Restricting access to public meetings will be discussed by council members in private!

Enough! No more broken promises, no more lies, no more closed door meetings! The City Council and OPD need to be held accountable for the murder (and ongoing cover-up) of Alan Blueford! We cannot allow them to silence the voices of the Bluefords or anybody else!

Tuesday 2 October Meet at 4:30pm at the DA’s office (1225 Fallon, near 12th St.)

March to the Oakland City Council meeting (arrive at City Hall by 5:30pm)

The Blueford family will be speaking at the City Council meeting. Please complete several “speaker cards” for the City Council meeting if you wish to speak to the council. When a person completes five speaker cards for the consent calendar, the council president will combine the minutes to give the speaker eight to ten minutes uninterrupted to speak.

We also want folks who do not want to talk to sign a speaker card so those minutes can be given to the family, to ensure they are able to say all they wish to say.

Oscar Grant Plaza (also known as Ogawa Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland).

Alan was murdered by OPD officer Miguel Masson on May 6th. Alan’s name has meen smeared in the press. His family has been lied to repeatedly by the OPD and denied the police report. The autopsy showed that Alan didn’t fire a weapon and that he was shot while lying on the ground, his hands raised. Witnesses all report that Alan had no weapon.

Alan Blueford Website

Alan Blueford facebook page

Oscar Grant Plaza
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza , Oakland, California 94612

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