Homestead Skillshare Festival

What: A festival to help educate, inspire and spread sustainable living and self-sufficiency skills. (Habra traduccion en Espanol and limited Cantonese translation)

When: Sat, May 26th from 10-6

Where: Hayes Valley Farm, 450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Why: To make low-cost, sustainable city living accessible to all different kinds of people and jump start the transition to a more Earth-harmonious culture. To realize the potential of the Timebank to assist in skill-sharing.

Who: The BACE Timebank, Hayes Valley Farm, SF Permaculture Guild, SF Urban Agriculture Alliance, PODER (SF) Occupy SF Sustainability Working Group, East Bay Cohousing and California Cohousing, Transition SF, Just One Tree, Kitchen Garden SF, the Connection Action Project, the Urban Homesteading Institute, Planet Drum. Thanks to our media sponsor,

Please contact mira (at) for more info.

Scheduled Workshops: -cohousing, coops and intentional communities -bike machines -solar ovens -cob ovens -place-making -cheese and yogurt -urban composting, worm composting -urban gardening, fruit trees and container gardening -seed-saving -food preservation (incl. miso, pickling) -diy green cleaning -wine-making -sprouting -disaster preparedness -herb growing, teas, local herbs and tincture making -qi gong -bee-keeping and pollination -backyard livestock (ducks, chickens, horses and/or goats) -sprouting -mushroom cultivation -soap-making -candle-making -natural dyes -diy green cleaning -nonviolent communication -green health & beauty

-water catchment

Music donated by Alma Desnuda and Nicco Tyson and food by Arizmendi on Valencia, PODER and Occupy SF.

Admission: You can get tickets here to attend

Or sign up to present and get in for free here if approved – to volunteer please fill out this form.

Contact mira at for more info. To keep up to date with the event and organizing meetings, join our Meet Up group