Forwarded message from OccupyBerkeley:

Hi All,

Come out, come out wherever you are!!! Please, please, please join us to picket the Bank of America next Monday, May 21, 5-6pm at the Albany Branch, Solano at Neilson, next to Safeway. Nine of us, mainly community senior citizens ranging in age from the early 60s to 85 years asked for a meeting with the manager. After he consulted with his superiors he refused to give us any appointment. Instead, we should submit our questions on paper without expecting a meeting afterward. In fact, the manager wouldn’t even give us his business card. When we tried to explain why we wanted to talk with him, his

only response was to insist that we leave immediately.

It is most important that we have a big showing next Monday. The public should learn about what occurred and they should also be informed about how homeowners were illegally fleeced. And we have to make certain that the Bank’s immoral and illegal conduct will forever cease. So please come out to express your outrage and encourage others

to join us.