Bay Area Birth Justice Fair

The Bay Area Birth Justice Fair is a project of the Decolonize Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Caucus of Occupy Oakland. our mission statement is:

Our mission is to address the many issues and concerns facing women and their families as they carry, birth and parent their children.

Issues such as:

Health and wellness for women pre conception.

access to woman centers prenatal care (midwives and doulas).

access to childbirth education regardless of income.

access to support for breastfeeding on demand for all new infants and children.

access to caring and respectful care for women birthing in a hospital setting.

a reduction in the number of unnecessary c sections in the bay area.

and improvement in the infant and maternal mortality rates int he bay area.

we seek a definition of reproductive choice which includes the right for a woman to choose where she will birth her children, as well as her choice of caregiver.

This group is open to all who have a passion for this subject:

parents birth workers healers teacher artists

all who have been born, who would like to work for a peaceful and empowered birth for those who will come after us.

We welcome you!

If you would like to join our group and help us to plan this and future fairs as well as other projects, please visit our group on Facebook :