Bridge Caucus Open Forum
  • Where: Oscar Grant Plaza aka 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA  94612
  • Who: Occupiers!

1 Facilitator, 1 Stack, 1 Group. Theme is all things Occupy.
Bring your best thoughts and your deepest respect. Snacks, crayons, and paper encouraged.

I am a rank and file member of Occupy Oakland. I am not a member of any committee, nor do I represent anyone but myself. I have stepped up to offer an option for people who just need to talk about everything going on.

This is a test-run and an autonomous solidarity action that has come out of the conversations on the Bridge Caucus wall. Bridge Caucus has offered its name, solidarity, and assistance to help get the word out about this event.

I believe that Occupy is about facilitating self-advocacy and self-representation so that we all, as autonomous people, can be confident leaders. The goal of this low key, unofficial event, is to facilitate the conversations that are too broad for committees, and too deep for GA.

Half of the time will be spent open mic, where each person in the stack gets 2 minutes to say whatever he or she needs to say. The second half, we’ll open up the discussion to either talk as a large group (seminar style), or amongst ourselves, inter-personally.

If this meeting goes well, we can continue to have them every week, and collectively choose more specific themes or areas that need a more focused, deeper conversation.