Ancient Language for Modern Times

imageSince early times, MUSIC has brought communities together. It has unified us in dance, and has taught us lessons in harmony. It has been an agent of celebration, joining people from around the world through propulsive rhythms and voices of ecstasy. It has created a heightened state of awareness, reenergizing our spirit so that we may continue down our paths graciously. Its power is as vast as the cosmos from which it came..

DANCE is the language of MUSIC. It is the movement in sound with relation to time and space. It connects us in a wave of consciousness that spirals into an experience which elicits our inner-most thoughts and desires. It is the root of our beloved “dance music.” When DANCE and MUSIC combine, they create a high that can never be dismissed.

We as people have forgotten how to dance joyously and innocently. Our lives have become so complex with money and politics that simple pleasures seem to get overlooked. We are living in trying times, and things will not get any better if we do not heal ourselves and our communities. We can’t do that solely by sitting around and talking about the problem and potential solutions. We need movement; we need a deeper connection to the universe. And we can find this through the joyousness of dance.

Right now there are many things happening in Oakland:  lots of money coming in, new policies being created, open- and closed-door discussions, cliques versus cliques, shady business deals that affect our neighborhoods, etc. It also appears that the community is divided; although we all have similar goals, there are a multitude of different approaches for accomplishing these goals. There seems to be no space wherein people from all walks of life are welcomed, regardless of where they come from or what they think is right. Oakland is in need of a forum to solidify our community. It is in need of a home base where WORDS take a back seat to the MUSIC, and we DANCE together.

For if we can dance together, then surely we can live together.

Written By Soul Luciani the founder of This Must Be The Place, an organization dedicated to bringing people together thru the power of MUSIC & DANCE. This Must Be The Place operates The Boogie Basement, follow the link for more info.