A Member of our Oscar Grant Plaza Family Gone : RIP Tsega


Violence has reared it’s ugly head again in Oakland, this time taking from us someone many of us only know from the plaza. While we may never understand why a person would need to resort to violence against a woman who was never seen hurting anyone, we do understand that a system which refuses to care for it’s people contributed to this tragedy. A system which spends millions repressing dissent, while not spending a dollar on treatment and rehabilitation of known violent offenders, has delivered us this new loss.

Folks from Fresh Juice Party, Chalkupy, Occupy Oakland, and many of the the regular visitors to Oscar Grant Plaza will be gathering near the plaza today to honor the life of this woman.

Please bring your heart. Please look those gathering in the eyes, recognize pain, sadness, grief, and let it all flow, to be nurtured by the strength of numbers, and by the strength of our love. This gathering is now.. beginning as this machine posts the message.

Tsega was found murdered by her boyfriend this morning in Lake Merritt. She was around Oscar Grant plaza regularly and loved by many in Occupy Oakland. RIP Tsega.