Occupy Technology: Managing Social Media Accounts

Social Media Security & Transparency One of the many achievements the Occupy Wall Street movement can claim is that it conclusively demonstrated how powerful social media can be when used for a collective purpose. Unfortunately, for Occupy groups and other horizontal or resource poor organizations, maintaing a strong social media presence can be as difficult as it is vital. No one gets paid. There is typically a high turnover rate- […]


9 Ways to Get Better Coverage

Sometimes the medium is the message. Whether you hate corporate media, are a news junkie, or a little of each, press coverage matters. 9 practical tips on how to get better coverage on TV, print, and online follow. They’ve worked for me; your mileage may vary. 1. Timing. Schedule events during prime times, inviting reporters in advance. You’re competing with crime, layoffs, traffic, and Snooki for viewer attention. If you live […]


Why and How I set up the Flickr Group #OOMedia for Occupy Oakland

By Wendy Kenin @greendoula Occupy Oakland Media Committee: Transparency and Organic Democracy In just a few months, Occupy Oakland Media Committee has evolved into a pretty functional group of incredible volunteers. Formed at an Occupy Oakland GA in October, the Media Committee has provided press releases, organized press conferences and fielded press inquiries through communications systems routed from the Occupy Oakland website. The Media Committee has managed local livestreams, produced […]