After several efforts to request a meeting with ficomm to discuss issues that were passed along to me. As
a member, for several months I’ve seen a complete lack of transparency & accountability. I was able to
contact one member, however after attempts to meet over months.I decided, to catalog as many records
as I could with the access I had to OO finance commitee andcreate this report to hopefully give anyone who would like to know,what I know, clarification and possibility help me answer some of the many unanswered questions in the ficomm committee since the last documented meeting in March 2012.

I called a meeting as a FiCom member on October 8th 2012 for Transparency & Accountability and no one from the existing OO FiCom attended, other than myself. There was a meeting announced for October 17th, 2012, however no one from pre-existing FiCom appeared. I feel that their activities could incriminate me or put me in danger if I pursue them any further.However, this is the report given to attendees to the last financial committee meeting.

Information has been blocked to protect individuals personal info,my intent is to provide information within finance that would further clarify my reasoning behind the several pubic inquires i have made about Occupy Oakland finace committee.