Tomorrow (Saturday, December 17) from noon until 1 p.m., the Occupy Oakland Parents & Allies Caucus is leading a breastfeeding protest at 14th Street and Broadway with the intention of convincing city officials to stop overwatering the plaza, known by many as Frank Ogawa Plaza but to Occupiers and Occupants as Oscar Grant Plaza.

The city of Oakland has been running the plaza sprinklers for most hours of the day and night, resulting in a muddy swamp where grass once was.

“Its my belief that this destructive act is being done as a way to prevent the possible return of the Occupy Oakland encampment as well as to make the environment in The Plaza very unpleasant,” said Dr. Samsarah Morgan, an Occupy Oakland organizer and co-founder of the Parents & Allies Caucus. “This affects the GA, teach-in and committee meetings which continue to use the plaza daily. It’s beyond ironic that the main reason the city used to close down OO were issues of health and safety. Well, the plaza is becoming very unsafe, for both human and plant life — and this is the city’s doing.”

Arborists have warned Occupy Oakland that such overwatering is harmful to the ancient oak tree, and that the lack of drainage is causing the pooled water to weaken the roots of the oak. This oak tree is understood to be the oldest living organism in the city of Oakland, and an emblem of the city’s heritage and tradition, given the city’s name.

To draw attention to this issue and to urge the city to stop this treatment of the plaza grounds, the Parents & Allies Caucus encourages all nursing mothers to gather at the tree. For one minute in solidarity, all of these mothers will breastfeed their infants at the tree, as a gesture of nurturing, protection and respect for plant and animal life. All mothers, grandmothers, fathers, children, and any others who wish to deliver this message are encourage to take part in the event.

More information on the 12-1 p.m. event is available here:!/events/294213080622987/