Open Letter to Make Oakland Better Now! (MOBN) on Measure Z

Dear Make Oakland Better Now, Thank you for all the good work you do and for the countless hours you have put into Measure Z. As a strong OPD supporter, NCPC Chair and community/Oakland advocate I just can’t support Measure Z this time around. Measure Z, the new Measure Y, was put together, in great part by those who will eventually receive the funds. This is fraudulent and a clear […]


Humanitarian Libertarianism, Diversity of Tactics and Candidate X

via  Occupy Savvy An ‘O’ is a fitting symbol of the Occupy movement, which increasingly manifests itself as a melding of the traditional hard edges of the “Left” and “Right” political paradigms of modern political thinking. This has conjoined the core principles associated with those doctrines and birthed a new calling to rise above traditional political divides and work to a higher purpose than merely supporting a given faction. Any hope for humanity to […]


Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street!

    Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street! Two years ago – a movement began, that changed my life forever in more way than I can count. Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street! Thank you for shaking this country up and revealing that we are indeed struggling to live in a police state, that what we thought were constitutional protections are in fact, non-existent ; that racism, sexism, and privilege still eats […]


Closeted in the 21st Century

It still happens and not just in junior high school. LGBT people live double lives even today. My sister called me the other night so I could watch Jody Foster come out publicly at the Golden Globe Awards. Anderson Cooper declared his gayness just last year. If it is still difficult for actors and media people to live proudly in the open, there must be a high degree of prejudice […]


To the author(s) of the DOOM flyer

I have come across the flyers below on the street and on-line. Reading these filled me with dread and sadness, which was followed swiftly by anger. After conferring with community members as to who might be involved in the placing of these flyers, the consensus view is that there are three possibilities: 1 – These flyers are being placed by young men of color, who are angered by the perception […]



OCCUPY OAKLAND MEDIA COLLECTIVE STATEMENT ON THE OAKLAND COMMUNE Occupy Oakland began on October 10, 2011. Since then it has become clear that a rigid distinction needs to be made between Occupy Oakland and the self-described Oakland Commune. The Media Collective is making this statement to provide clarity by describing this dysfunctional relationship, including links to documents created by the Oakland Commune. While the general purpose of a press release […]


One year on the crazy Occupy ride: big lessons, reflections, and next giant steps

  I have been part of some weird shit in my lifetime, but Occupy Oakland may be the weirdest of the weird. I still shake my head in amazement and confusion over the wild ride it’s been. Unbelievably it has been only a year since Occupy Wall Street bloomed its first flower of rebellion in New York. I was immediately excited by OWS, partly due to a shift in tactics […]


Ushering in a new era of Civil Disobedience: Strategic Explorations for our times

“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” Anatole France, The Red Lily, 1894 I remember hearing some version of the above quote probably when I was in my early teens, and getting it, liking it, and tripping off it.  It is still one of my favorite political quotes.  It sums […]


#NATGAT: A Debrief of the 2012 Occupy National Gathering

The sun beat down. It was hot. Sweat beaded off of our heads and bodies as physical proof of the hard work we were all putting in. We gave ourselves over to it. We didn’t sleep. We didn’t eat. We traded in our well-being for the good of the group. It worked. The National Gathering (NATGAT) was a time of peace, love, and democracy for everyone gathered in Philadelphia on […]



by Belle Starr, Outlawyer The smug was getting thick and bigotry became a way of life. Too bad, the children of wrath want to argue more than work. This smugness was choking with its one upping others with how long someone has been an activist or progressive or gay or their age or some other trifle. This time the usual suspects are “Us” as POGO, a comic character, mused long […]