Humanitarian Libertarianism, Diversity of Tactics and Candidate X

via  Occupy Savvy An ‘O’ is a fitting symbol of the Occupy movement, which increasingly manifests itself as a melding of the traditional hard edges of the “Left” and “Right” political paradigms of modern political thinking. This has conjoined the core principles associated with those doctrines and birthed a new calling to rise above traditional political divides and work to a higher purpose than merely supporting a given faction. Any hope for humanity to […]


Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street!

    Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street! Two years ago – a movement began, that changed my life forever in more way than I can count. Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street! Thank you for shaking this country up and revealing that we are indeed struggling to live in a police state, that what we thought were constitutional protections are in fact, non-existent ; that racism, sexism, and privilege still eats […]


Where is the black leadership ???

When anyone asks Black Leadership to step up i cant be mad… Now,where is the black leadership? Some say the churches,well ironically while iam typing this at Awaken Cafe in downtown Oakland i had to witness a young black man,stopped,frisked and temporarily detained for (drum roll please) ….. Spitting on the side walk,for 30 min while this young man hand cuffed and had his freedom revoked,searched in front of the […]


Nursing mothers seek social responsibility from Face Book

Press Release   San Francisco, June 07, 2013:  Nurse-in to be held at Facebook’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders at the Westin San Francisco Airport hotel in Millbrae, California; Worldwide virtual protest to call on Facebook to leave breastfeeding photos alone and to allow educators to place breastfeeding ads.   – Daily image deletions and account suspensions continue. – Facebook blocks event organizers from sharing breastfeeding photos, event information, and posters. […]


the dervish

© i come to wonder in the middle of the night why certain personalities provoke me to a fight is it weakness or strength dressed in disguise soldiers gather medals but it is no surprise that folks despise a civilian dressed in armor, a woman dressed to kill all convention, distention, prolonged detention a woman dressed to re-create the fabric of her will it’s time for folks to realize the […]


Closeted in the 21st Century

It still happens and not just in junior high school. LGBT people live double lives even today. My sister called me the other night so I could watch Jody Foster come out publicly at the Golden Globe Awards. Anderson Cooper declared his gayness just last year. If it is still difficult for actors and media people to live proudly in the open, there must be a high degree of prejudice […]


City of Oakland Offering New Criminalization Opportunity : Graffiti

It’s Friday night. Elected public servants at this coming Tuesday’s Oakland City Council meeting will be discussing a drastic rewriting of legislation regarding graffiti. In an admitted attempt to control protestors, the authors of this legislation have effectively designed a new method of imprisoning residents and visitors to Oakland, especially youth, for what has been until now legally defined as an infraction. At twenty three pages long, there is much […]


whisper of spirit ©

©   in only a moment hot turns to cold what once was a body harboring a soul now empty, depleted all energy drains whisper of spirit is all that remains   hovering remnants of energy pure as a wish for tomorrow bringing no cure wish turns to vapor body to dust crumbling emotion like metal to rust   where once were ideas plans, hopes, and dreams departed in panic […]


What would you do?

This has been an extremely hard piece for me to write. Partly because I have been quite ill as of late. And also due to the fact that this piece is about something that happened during hurricane Sandy, the deadly storm that ripped through my beloved East Coast, bringing death and destruction to almost every area of my home town. You see I am a New Yorker, born and bred […]


Where the Sustainability Movement Falters...

Of late, I have been participating in a resilience circle. These groups are organized offshoots of the “sustainability” movement whose goal is to create a local, independent economy which can but does not necessarily use currency as a standard of exchange. Theirs is a noble and idealistic vision. But alone, it is not viable for scattered people and communities. The struggle is as unattainable as trying to bring socialism in […]