A People's History of Occupy Oakland – Volume 1

One year ago, we gathered at Oscar Grant Plaza to welcome the birth of a movement. We, the editors of this anthology, met through Occupy Oakland. In the beginning, we were strangers to each other, unsure of each others’ intentions, unsure of each others’ capabilities, and unsure of our own places in the worldwide movement that is Occupy. Like the editors ourselves, each of the contributors to the anthology comes […]


Protest Shuts Down OUSD Meeting

This past Wednesday, in a victory for Oakland-based civil disobedience, activists took over the Oakland Unified School Board meeting in protest over the closing of five Oakland elementary schools. The OUSD had planned to vote that night on converting Lazear Elementary School into a charter school, but instead had to cancel the remainder of the meeting under pressure from the vocal – read as “loud” – group of protesters. “The […]


Why Greece matters to the Occupy movement

Summary: A small but informative OccupySF rally on February 15 was held in solidarity with the sovereignty of the people of Greece highlighting the importance of their economic situation to the Occupy community, the United States, and the world as a whole. SF Occupiers, with green signs dotting the sidewalk, called for the IMF to leave Greece, noting that the austerity measures were designed to benefit the banks but enslave […]


How a seedpod led to $400,000 bail and eight felony charges

“I always wear a rainbow-colored scarf,” said 65-year-old grandmother Sweet Grass Longhouse over the phone. “That’s how you’ll know it’s me.” It was Sweet Grass’s first time attending a General Assembly of Occupy Oakland, and as she approached the group that gathered before the Sunday afternoon GA at 19th and Telegraph, she wrapped both of her hands around a large paper pad. At the top of the pad, she had […]


OGP Plaza Gazette | Day 114

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 Day 114 Six Occupiers Remain in Custody with Felony Charges January 31, 2012 – 7:18 pm Today at Wiley M. Manuel courthouse, the occupiers taken into custody on J28 had their first day in court. The arraignments were split between the fourth and sixth floors, and I stayed up on six, where felonies were heard. I heard a second-hand report from the legal team that charges […]


One mother's statement from 2/1 OO Press Conference

Several Occupy Oakland people read personal statements at the noon press conference held on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012 – the following was written and read by Tess Unger, who is a part of the Children Village Parents and Allies Committee. As I’m sure many of you hadn’t heard from the recent mainstream media highlights, the Children’s Village and Parents and Allies Caucus of Occupy Oakland marched in solidarity with Move-in […]


Voices of Occupy Oakland: Tess Unger

The following is an opinion-editorial piece written by an Occupy Oakland organizer, and is a message from the Children’s Village / Parents and Allies Committee of Occupy Oakland. My name is Tess Unger, and I am speaking on behalf of Occupy Oakland’s Parents and Allies Committee. When the encampment existed in Oscar Grant Plaza, families were an integral part of the community. The Children’s Village was formed so that parents […]


Voices of Occupy Oakland: Dr. Samsarah Morgan

The following is an opinion-editorial piece written by an Occupy Oakland organizer. I have no fear of losing my life for a just cause. If my death is required to ensure the long happy life of my children, their children – all children. Then so be it. What I am unwilling to participate in is impotent, undisciplined noise making – I am not willing to dance the dance of the […]


Corporate Control of People with Disabilities

This article was written by Sharon Wachsler and originally appeared at #Occupy at Home. It’s cross-posted here with her permission. View the original post and comments here. This post was written for the December issue of the Disability Blog Carnival, taking place at my personal blog, After Gadget. It’s not too late to get your post in! The call for submissions is here. [EDIT: The December issue of the Disability […]


Occupy Achieves Victories in Smaller Cities

Rose Aguilar’s article for Truthout brings light to a study conducted at the University of California-Riverside called “Diffusion of the Occupy Movement in California.” Riverside academics found 143 cities and towns in California with their own Occupy groups. Let that number sink in for a moment. This is JUST IN CALIFORNIA: ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE DIFFERENT OCCUPIES. As Occupy Oakland is an embattled and much-discussed uprising, we in Oakland find […]