Informed and Dangerous: Why is A. F. James MacArthur in jail?

By Leo Zimmermann This article was originally published on Beth Emmerling and Bruce Emmerling contributed research to this article. Journalist A. F. James MacArthur has been in jail since December 1, 2012. Known for reporting on crime and politics as The Baltimore Spectator, MacArthur is currently being held without bail or access to visitors. He was initially arrested at his home for allegedly violating an expired probation, but is […]


City of Oakland Offering New Criminalization Opportunity : Graffiti

It’s Friday night. Elected public servants at this coming Tuesday’s Oakland City Council meeting will be discussing a drastic rewriting of legislation regarding graffiti. In an admitted attempt to control protestors, the authors of this legislation have effectively designed a new method of imprisoning residents and visitors to Oakland, especially youth, for what has been until now legally defined as an infraction. At twenty three pages long, there is much […]


Where the Sustainability Movement Falters...

Of late, I have been participating in a resilience circle. These groups are organized offshoots of the “sustainability” movement whose goal is to create a local, independent economy which can but does not necessarily use currency as a standard of exchange. Theirs is a noble and idealistic vision. But alone, it is not viable for scattered people and communities. The struggle is as unattainable as trying to bring socialism in […]


#Fort Hernandez Under Harassment by Police : Live Link : Arrests

Yet another police supported eviction is taking place this morning at Fort Hernandez, a Los Angeles home where people have been camped in solidarity of the homeowners in their fight against illegal eviction. The presence of police seems to be in violation of a court order. The next court date is scheduled 9 November. People are being arrested by LAPD in riot gear. Helicopter overhead adding to police intimidation tactics. […]


OPD Officer Chris Bolton Deflects and Dodges all Questions

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So much for free speech in Oakland

. Alessandro Tinonga reports on how the Oakland City Council responded to questions about a police murder–by trying to shut down free speech. October 2, 2012 Alan Blueford’s family speaks out inside Oakland City Council chambers A WEEK after family members and supporters of Alan Blueford organized a protest at Oakland City Hall to demand answers about the police killing of the African American teenager in May, city officials announced […]


Chalk Art is Getting the Message Out to the Community!


Connecting the Dots of Police Brutality : Derrick Williams

. Derek Williams begs the police to open the windows to the squad car, and pleads that he cannot breathe…the watch him die in the backseat as he fights for his life.. Derek told the police officer that he could not breath and the officer says that he is lying. In the video, you see him grasping for air. After a while, Derek is shown taking his last breath. The […]


VIDEO: Leaked NYPD Footage of Occupy Wall Street Raid

Officers film their own crimes, the truth always comes out. On November 15, 2011 the NYPD entered Occupy Wall Street’s camp at Zuccotti park with the intent to violently disrupt a national movement for equality and peace. Police officers in riot gear arrested more than 100 protesters before destroying most of their belongings. The day was widely known as one of the worst days for journalist arrests with cops making […]