Unions: Safety and Discrimination Protection

The tragic fires that killed workers in Bangladesh remind us of labor’s history in the early years of the twentieth century when the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire killed 146 garment workers most of them Jewish and Italian immigrant women. Capitalism actively condones the murder of dispensable commodities like people who provide unskilled or semi-skilled labor. Now even the sweatshops of China are moving to even cheaper, less-regulated Bangladesh. American companies […]


Where the Sustainability Movement Falters...

Of late, I have been participating in a resilience circle. These groups are organized offshoots of the “sustainability” movement whose goal is to create a local, independent economy which can but does not necessarily use currency as a standard of exchange. Theirs is a noble and idealistic vision. But alone, it is not viable for scattered people and communities. The struggle is as unattainable as trying to bring socialism in […]


Israel Was Created on the Ruins of Palestine

The title of this article is a direct quote from Miko Peled, author of “The General’s Son” and a peace activist. His father ‘was a war hero turned peacemaker.’ Explanation by Miko Peled regarding the creation of the State of Israel at the expense of Palestinian Arabs in the region refers to many myths perpetrated by Zionist Jews of Israel and the United States. He shines a light on the […]


Is Cruelty to Workers Behind Workplace Shootings?

Another workplace shooting took place in Fresno on November 5th at a chicken processing plant. Three workers were killed and two were injured by a fellow employee with a handgun. According to filmmaker Emil Chiaberi, this pattern of workplace violence has roots in the way employees are treated in this country. Chiaberi’s 2010 film, “Murder by Proxy: How America went Postal,” sheds both light and heat on the phenomena of […]


Oakland Area Election Results 2012 : bye bye Ignacio


#Fort Hernandez Under Harassment by Police : Live Link : Arrests

Yet another police supported eviction is taking place this morning at Fort Hernandez, a Los Angeles home where people have been camped in solidarity of the homeowners in their fight against illegal eviction. The presence of police seems to be in violation of a court order. The next court date is scheduled 9 November. People are being arrested by LAPD in riot gear. Helicopter overhead adding to police intimidation tactics. […]


OPD Officer Chris Bolton Deflects and Dodges all Questions

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Nonviolent Backcountry Resisters Cause Disruptive Breach of Vandenberg Air Force Base Security Zones

Catholic Worker members and Fr. Louie Vitale infiltrated the backcountry of Vandenberg Air Force Base this weekend as the country prepares for possible war in Iran. Protesters held an “unauthorized Christian prayer liturgy and exorcism of evil” as well as disrupted business as usual. Go, radical Christians! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 21, 2012 Contact: [email protected] Nonviolent Backcountry Resisters Cause Disruptive Breach of Vandenberg Air Force Base Security Zones For the […]


To the author(s) of the DOOM flyer

I have come across the flyers below on the street and on-line. Reading these filled me with dread and sadness, which was followed swiftly by anger. After conferring with community members as to who might be involved in the placing of these flyers, the consensus view is that there are three possibilities: 1 – These flyers are being placed by young men of color, who are angered by the perception […]


Community Picket of Mi Pueblo Market!

10/20/2012 1:00 pm 1630 High st, High St and Foothill Oakland Ca [MENSAJE BILINGÜE /BILINGUAL MESSAGE] The Dignity and Resistance Coalition invites you to say NO to worker and immigrant repression by picketing Mi Pueblo Market! After years of unresolved labor disputes, the Mi Pueblo Market chain has retaliated against employees by implementing E-Verify, a government database that allows Mi Pueblo to refuse work to undocumented workers. Now Mi Pueblo […]