City of Oakland Offering New Criminalization Opportunity : Graffiti

It’s Friday night. Elected public servants at this coming Tuesday’s Oakland City Council meeting will be discussing a drastic rewriting of legislation regarding graffiti. In an admitted attempt to control protestors, the authors of this legislation have effectively designed a new method of imprisoning residents and visitors to Oakland, especially youth, for what has been until now legally defined as an infraction. At twenty three pages long, there is much […]


Where the Sustainability Movement Falters...

Of late, I have been participating in a resilience circle. These groups are organized offshoots of the “sustainability” movement whose goal is to create a local, independent economy which can but does not necessarily use currency as a standard of exchange. Theirs is a noble and idealistic vision. But alone, it is not viable for scattered people and communities. The struggle is as unattainable as trying to bring socialism in […]



. Within the next few days, President of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Judge Pamela Dembe will likely rule on Mumia Abu-Jamal’s pro se motion challenging her secret sentence of Mumia to life imprisonment without parole. Given Judge Dembe’s decade-long record of rejecting consideration of any new evidence in Mumia’s case, it is safe to assume that she will perfunctorily deny Mumia’s challenge, and deny him the opportunity to […]


Racist, violent history of Blueford killer cop revealed

By William West As the family of Alan Blueford continues to struggle for justice after he was killed by police on May 6, new information is coming to light about Oakland, Calif., police officer Miguel Masso, who pulled the trigger that ended Blueford’s life. While pursuing Blueford, Masso passed a Cinco de Mayo party at a house where children were playing in the yard. It was in this yard that […]


pay me with my taxes

we all have learned that many of us share a similar vision . it’s a beautiful and necessary future reality, that we will easily know the work and criminal life histories of those we pay to protect us, for the sake of building trust or knowing when to revoke trust it’s ridiculous that there is actually a book of rules that give more civil rights and protections to a particular […]


Mark Neiweem (aka Migs) of NATO5 Brutalized by Cook County Guards

Mark Nieweem, (pronounced Nye-wame) one of the NATO5, was badly beaten by Cook County Jail Guards and placed in solitary confinement, “the hole,” for 20+ days. The hole means no visitation, no mail, and isolation from human contact, aside from the prison guards which include his torturers. Mark’s lawyer confirmed that Mark spent the night in Cermak Hospital. Mark has stitches, his face is swollen and bruised. his ribs are […]


Standoff in White Clay

ACTION ALERT ::: Members of DGR and AIM are currently in a standoff with the Nebraska State Patrol in the small town of Whiteclay, NE. Activists have blockaded the town of Whiteclay, NE which exists solely to exploit the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation with illegal alcohol sales. The Nebraska State Patrol is threatening the blockaders with felony charges and have brought in a HORSE TRAILER to transport them […]



. from: Rachel Wolkenstein On August 13, 2012, without any notice and in violation of his constitutional rights and state law, Mumia Abu-Jamal was formally sentenced by Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Pamela Dembe to life imprisonment without parole. The impact of this illegal sentencing is to prevent a possible challenge to the slow death of life imprisonment. All sentences, including “mandatory” sentences, require a formal proceeding allowing the […]


Free Ankah!

We are calling for the immediate release of our friend Anna Karewicz (often called Ankah), a much beloved member of the SF Bay Area activist community and beyond. She is currently being held with an ICE (immigration) hold and is fighting imminent deportation. Anna was contacted by police Thursday August 3rd, after her bicycle tour group mistakenly turned, riding their bikes on the wrong side of a one way street […]



Occupant of Oakland Explains OPD/DA Misconduct / Court BS

An Occupant of Oakland talked with photographer and reporter Wendy Kenin @greendoula outside Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Oakland after a hundred supporters attended court again today for yet another episode of the same old OPD abduction, DA no real charges, fight for release and justice story. About a hundred people gathered at First Acts Church last Wednesday in hopes of hearing the truth about the recent shooting and killing by […]