“People’s Candidates” PRESS CONFERENCE Tuesday, October 28, 2014 10:00AM

For more information contact: Jason “Shake” Anderson Mayoral Candidate / Town Mayor Campaign 510-221-7609 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   “People’s Candidates” PRESS CONFERENCE Tuesday, October 28, 2014  10:00AM National Historic Landmark White Bldg 339 15th St. Oakland,CA As a collective,8 of the 15 candidates for Oakland’s upcoming mayoral election have decided conduct a press conference to allow media outlets,independent,local, regional and national the opportunity to cover all Oakland mayoral candidates equality.Each […]


Humanitarian Libertarianism, Diversity of Tactics and Candidate X

via  Occupy Savvy An ‘O’ is a fitting symbol of the Occupy movement, which increasingly manifests itself as a melding of the traditional hard edges of the “Left” and “Right” political paradigms of modern political thinking. This has conjoined the core principles associated with those doctrines and birthed a new calling to rise above traditional political divides and work to a higher purpose than merely supporting a given faction. Any hope for humanity to […]


We Have Failed !!! Dr. King's Vision

What i have to say,will not be popular,however my populaity if you want to call it that isnt based on people liking me so here goes… WE HAVE FAILED !!! I don’t celebrate failure in 50 year since this historic march and Dr. King’s speech,we meaning humanity,more specifically America has failed at cashing the check of equality the Dr. King asked for,we are so docile and brainwashed we fail to […]


Community Picket of Mi Pueblo Market!

10/20/2012 1:00 pm 1630 High st, High St and Foothill Oakland Ca [MENSAJE BILINGÜE /BILINGUAL MESSAGE] The Dignity and Resistance Coalition invites you to say NO to worker and immigrant repression by picketing Mi Pueblo Market! After years of unresolved labor disputes, the Mi Pueblo Market chain has retaliated against employees by implementing E-Verify, a government database that allows Mi Pueblo to refuse work to undocumented workers. Now Mi Pueblo […]



OCCUPY OAKLAND MEDIA COLLECTIVE STATEMENT ON THE OAKLAND COMMUNE Occupy Oakland began on October 10, 2011. Since then it has become clear that a rigid distinction needs to be made between Occupy Oakland and the self-described Oakland Commune. The Media Collective is making this statement to provide clarity by describing this dysfunctional relationship, including links to documents created by the Oakland Commune. While the general purpose of a press release […]


Decolonization: Theory, Action, and Praxis

Article written by Yvonne Metiche, crossposted from Decolonize Oakland Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? During a recent visit to the Bay Area, a about a half-dozen activists from Decolonize Seattle  shared their ideas about decolonization at Holdout Books in West Oakland.  The panel discussion and subsequent Q/A session included a variety of dense topics, with a complete running time of over 3 hours. As a past participant of Occupy Oakland […]


A Tale of Two Jams: Music Occupies Wall Street and Oakland

So far, two music compilations have emerged as fundraisers: one in New York City, another in Oakland. If there are other benefit comps in other locations, please leave a comment below and tell us about them. Here are the fundraising albums we have seen emerge from Year One of the Occupy movement…   Occupy This Album  (Occupy Wall Street) http://musicforoccupy.org/2012/05/pre-order-occupy-this-album/ cost :  $9.99 running time :  77 songs, 300:00 (99 […]


The Center of the Heart of All That is (Pe’ Sla: Help Save Lakota Sioux Sacred Land!)

by Dana Lone Hill (crossposted from Just A Rez Chick)   I am 40 years old, while I feel that is kind of old at the same time I feel as I always have. I don’t feel old-er at all. I don’t feel that out of my four children, two are adults. I feel I could jump through puddles and make mud pies, but yet the silver hairs that are […]


Ancient Language for Modern Times

Since early times, MUSIC has brought communities together. It has unified us in dance, and has taught us lessons in harmony. It has been an agent of celebration, joining people from around the world through propulsive rhythms and voices of ecstasy. It has created a heightened state of awareness, reenergizing our spirit so that we may continue down our paths graciously. Its power is as vast as the cosmos from […]


Fruitvale Protest Tonight Explained : #opBART Q&A with MotorMouth

An interview with one of the Anonymous organizers of OpBART, which is set to return Aug. 13 On Aug. 12, 2011, I was drinking my morning coffee and reading Twitter when I noticed that Jacob Appelbaum had posted a link to a story about BART shutting down cell and wi-fi service in some of its stations the previous day. The reason for the shutdown? To thwart another protest against the […]